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I’ve been going to Port Jefferson Smiles from the beginning. They are accommodating, professional, and friendly! I always know I am getting the best dental work & will never go anywhere else!

Mary Shulock Avatar Mary Shulock
February 28, 2023

Dr Halpern is a top professional. She is an intelligent, friendly, talented and capable perfectionist who puts time and effort into her work. I had a crown put in recently and it was painless and Dr Halpern made the crown right in her office. Everything down to the color/shade of the tooth was beautiful. I visited my orthodontist after getting the crown and it took him a minute to figure out which tooth had the crown! She also has a great office staff and hygienist. Michele at the front desk is lovely, professional , capable and makes it a pleasure to call this office.

diane brooks Avatar diane brooks
November 10, 2022

I cannot say enough good things about PJ Smiles. As I child I had a dentist who did not use novacaine and that set me up to be phobic of any dental related procedure. For the last 8 yrs at PJ Smiles I’ve encountered quality care, professionalism, prompt service in emergencies from all the staff I have had contact with. Special shout out to Dr. Halpern, Danielle my hygienist and of course Michelle the receptionist who keeps it all together.,

Jean Dalecki Avatar Jean Dalecki
November 4, 2022

Been to several dentists in my life and this is by far the best one. Dr Halpern has state of the art equipment in her office that amazes me every time and she’s very thorough with explaining what is needed and why. My family has been going here for about 2 years and she’s already fixed issues other dentists have made with our teeth! Danielle is exceptional with cleanings and Michelle is great with scheduling appointments and double checking out of pocket expenses in advance.

Eric Lindner Avatar Eric Lindner
October 25, 2022

As an update, this office is my favorite dentist I’ve been to ever. Every couple of months, I begin to dread going to the dentist, however every-time I step foot in this office. They are personable from the reception area, to the dental assistants and of course the Doctor. My anxiety begins to subside because these people genuinely do care about making these visits as easy for their patients as possible. Never have I felt more comfortable being in a dentist’s chair. Thank you to Dr. Halpern and the wonderful team for making Dental Care more pleasant.

Chris A Avatar Chris A
October 25, 2022

Always a great experience, a very professional and friendly staff. Dr.Halpern is a wonderful and caring dentist who is truly concerned about her patients.

August 22, 2022


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