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DEXcam Intra-Oral Camera

DEXcam Intra-Oral Camera

Port Jefferson Smiles uses the Dex Cam intra-oral camera, which allows us to view your teeth and gums with more clarity and precision. Intraoral camera helps our dentists detect early any underlying dental issues, allowing us to treat them early and prevent them from developing into more serious and painful conditions that are more expensive to treat. A more accurate diagnosis means minimal chair time and less expense for you!


Each time you visit our dental office at Port Jefferson Station, our dental team will work to detect dental problems you may have. We will also conduct visual inspection during your checkup and take X-rays of your mouth to see all parts of your teeth and check for any cavities, fractures, plaque and discoloration.

High-Quality Imaging

DEXcam™ is a direct-USB intra-oral video camera that provides image support for oral diagnostics. At Port Jefferson Smiles, we consider this technology as an excellent tool for patient education communication. DEXcam™ features include a seven-element glass optical lens, four state-of-the-art LED lights and an internal prism that provide optimal lighting. It also uses a Sony® CCD sensor that produces high-definition image quality.

Benefits of DEXcam™ Intra-Oral Camera

The foremost benefit of using intra-oral camera is early detection of any dental conditions. Finding the problem before it reaches the pulp, nerve or root of your tooth will allow you to experience minimal pain or discomfort during restorative treatment.

  • Live video display with freeze and capture capabilities to view clear images of teeth and gums
  • Ability to see right away any tooth decay, fractured tooth or abscess
  • Allow us to detect dental conditions early and make a more accurate diagnosis and develop better treatment plan for each patient
  • Less chair time for patients

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