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Have you ever broken a tooth or cracked an old large silver filling? Maybe you have had a crown on a front tooth that has an ugly silver line showing, is mismatched in color, or is oddly shaped?

Dr. Karyn Halpern can fabricate your all ceramic permanent crown for you in one simple visit! Want to learn more?

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Dr. Karyn Halpern
Cerec Primescan

How Is It Done?

When you get a CEREC crown or “same day crown” custom made for you at Port Jefferson Smiles, you get to skip the messy molds and the second visit.

An intraoral camera is used to record precise images of your teeth. The doctor then uses the CEREC software to custom design the shape and form of your new crown. The design file is then transmitted wirelessly to a machine that mills out your new tooth! Many of our patients enjoy watching it be created!

Once it is milled, Dr. Halpern will add the finishing touches, confirm the fit and place the crown in a porcelain furnace.

Shortly after, your permanent crown that mimics the shape, form, and color of your natural teeth is permanently bonded to your tooth! It is that simple!

How Will It Look?

See for yourself!

Here is a typical example of CEREC crowns designed and fabricated by Dr. Karyn Halpern:

CEREC restoration - Dr. Karyn Halpern
Cerec Same Day Crowns
Cerec Same Day Crowns

Can You Tell Which is the CEREC Crown?

A wonderful addition to your natural smile

Here is another case treated by Dr. Karyn Halpern. One of the teeth is a CEREC crown. Can you find it?

CEREC Crown - Dr. Karyn Halpern

A Successful Treatment in only 60-Minutes

Our patient’s new crown (below) was fabricated chairside in a single session. Each crown’s design and restoration is 100% custom and designed to treat your specific dental needs while remaining both long lasting and visually pleasing.

Cerec Crown - Before


Missing composite filling with additional ridge and wall cracks.

Cerec Crown - After


A beautiful, full-surface glass-ceramic crown.

What Our Patients Say

Over 130 5-Star Reviews on Google

Nick Taglialatela
5-Star Rating
“Phenomenal dental office. Everybody is extremely nice. Dental work is pain free and always comes out perfect. Would highly recommend to any of my family or friends.”

5-Star Rating
“She’s the best. I’m happy that I can go in there knowing that the work will be done perfectly.”

Jo-ann Goetz
5-Star Rating
“I have been a patient of Dr. Halpern for years now, and each encounter with her makes me love her more. I woke up this morning with my new permanent cap, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results…no pain, perfect match and alignment, total natural bite and appearance, perfect everything! Dr. Halpern is an artist, in addition to being a brilliant dentist and caring person.”

Dr. Karyn Halpern

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Dr. Karyn Halpern can fabricate your all ceramic permanent crown for you in one simple visit!

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