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Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions

Our goal at Port Jefferson Smiles is to save your teeth whenever possible. Tooth extraction is a last resort and necessary procedure we perform in order to save your smile. Tooth extraction is a number of reasons. Some teeth are extracted because they are severely decayed or due to periodontal disease. Some tooth may be broken in a way that it can’t be repaired. Other teeth may be removed because they are poorly positioned, such as impacted tooth, or in preparation for orthodontic treatment. Regardless of the reason, we make sure that your tooth extraction is as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

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Wisdom Tooth

It is considered a preemptive extraction when a wisdom tooth has to be extracted because it’s impacted and posing a threat to surrounding teeth.


Tooth extraction is recommended for overcrowded mouth and makes room for the teeth to move into proper place through orthodontic treatment.

Severe Cavities

Sometimes, when there is extensive damage or decay, tooth extraction becomes the only solution. When the tooth is too damaged to be saved by a root canal therapy or dental filling, we resort to extraction in order to save neighboring teeth and restore your healthy smile.



Our highly-experienced dentists at Port Jefferson Smiles in Port Jefferson Station, New York, will help determine if tooth extraction is the best solution for you.  We provide safe and comfortable tooth extraction for children and adult patients. Call Port Jefferson Smiles at (631) 928-1300 or visit our website to schedule a consultation.

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