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Gummy Smile Cosmetic Treatment

Gummy Smile Cosmetic Treatment

A smile is considered “gummy” if a significant amount of upper gum tissue is exposed when smiling or laughing. This gives the impression that the upper teeth may be too short, which often makes sufferers feel self-conscious on insecure.

An ideal smile should reveal very little gum and should look balanced with your teeth and in contrast with your upper lip. Your smile generally depends on the shape and size of your teeth, as well as the shape of your upper lips. Fortunately, gummy smile can now be corrected through cosmetic periodontal treatment or by using a combination of different treatments.

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Causes of Gummy Smile

The causes of gummy smile are all related to the teeth, gums, lips and jaws, which are the key parts that affect the way we smile. An ideal smile is all about the right proportion and positioning and when one part is disproportionate, it is enough to throw everything off. In most cases, the gummy smile is caused by genetics and nothing can be done to prevent it. There are a number of causes of a gummy smile and the most common are the following:

  • Teeth that appear short due to improper eruption and remain partially covered by gum tissue
  • Upper lip that may be too short
  • Gums that are long or enlarged, also known as gingival hypertrophy
  • Can be caused by the way the upper jaw has developed, as fully developed in the gum area can cause more gum tissue to be exposed when smiling
  • Teeth that are small compared to the gums due to genetics or wear
  • Hyperactive upper lip that is normal in length but lifts too high when smiling, exposing more of the gum tissue

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*Actual patient

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Gummy Smile Cosmetic Treatments

The appropriate gummy smile cosmetic corrective treatment depends largely on the underlying cause. If the underlying reason for excessive gum exposure is mild and caused by the jaws or teeth, orthodontics treatment alone may be able to shift the bite into the correct position, making the gums appear less prominent. If too much of the gum tissue shows when smiling, a laser gum contouring procedure may be performed. This procedure removes the extra gum tissue that extends too far down the teeth.  If the teeth have not fully erupted and are too small, veneers or dental crowns can be used to make the teeth appear longer and improve teeth-to-gum ratio.

Our dentists at Port Jefferson Smiles have specialized training and experience necessary to examine your teeth, gums, jaws and lips and decide the best cosmetic treatment option for your gummy smiles. Contact Port Jefferson Smiles today at (631) 928-1300 or fill out our Appointment Request form for an appointment to see our team of highly-experienced dentists.

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