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What is a CEREC Crown?

Cerec PrimescanHave you ever broken a tooth or cracked an old large silver filling? Maybe you have had a crown on a front tooth that has an ugly silver line showing, is mismatched in color, or is oddly shaped?

Dr. Karyn Halpern can fabricate your all ceramic permanent crown for you in one simple visit! Want to learn more?

So, what is CEREC?

CEREC uses CAD/CAM or “Computer Aided Design” and “Computer Aided Manufacturing” technology to create your CEREC crown in just one visit.

How is it done?

When you get a CEREC crown or “same day crown”  custom made for you at Port Jefferson Smiles, you get to skip the messy molds and the second visit.

An intraoral camera is used to record precise images of your teeth. The doctor then uses the CEREC software to custom design the shape and form of your new crown. The design file is then transmitted wirelessly to a machine that mills out your new tooth! Many of our patients enjoy watching it be created!

Once it is milled, Dr. Halpern will add the finishing touches, confirm the fit and place the crown in a porcelain furnace.

Shortly after, your permanent crown that mimics the shape, form, and color of your natural teeth is permanently bonded to your tooth! It is that simple!

How will it look?  See for yourself!  Here are some sample cases of CEREC crowns designed and fabricated by Dr. Karyn Halpern:

One of these teeth is a CEREC crown. Can you tell which one it is?


Here is another case treated by Dr. Karyn Halpern. One of the teeth is a CEREC crown . Can you find it?

A successful treatment in only 60-minutes.

Our patient’s new crown (below) was fabricated chairside in a single session. Each crown’s design and restoration is 100% custom and designed to treat your specific dental needs while remaining both long lasting and visually pleasing.

Cerec Crown - Before


Mising composite filling with additional ridge and wall cracks.

Cerec Crown - After


A beautiful, full-surface glass-ceramic crown.

How durable is a CEREC crown?

There is no difference in the durability of a CEREC crown vs. a crown made in the dental laboratory.  In fact, the best ceramic materials available today that are used with CEREC are the same ceramic materials that are being used by the dental labs.  However, the “same day” CEREC Crown is made faster chair side, using the computer-aided technology. The process of fabricating the CEREC crown does not effect its quality or longevity. The crown is matched to the color of your natural teeth, so it looks beautiful and lifelike.

Proper home care, combined with routine dental cleanings and exams, can allow these amazing restorations to last for many years!

Can CEREC technology be used to other types of dental restorations?

Yes! Other types of dental restorations can also be fabricated with CEREC technology to rebuild teeth that are damaged, decayed, or malformed. Ceramic fillings, known as “inlays” and “onlays”, as well porcelain veneers, can also be made using our CEREC technology.


CALL us to learn more!

If you think you may need a crown or a porcelain filling, contact us for a consultation. Dr. Karyn Halpern will customize and determine the best treatment options for you CEREC technology may be a perfect fit for you!

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